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Sorry, just had to get that out of the way. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So on the one hand, it’s hard to believe that I have to have a privacy policy listed on my site these days — I’m looking at you, European Union — on the other, I take privacy somewhat seriously; the halcyon days of yore are gone, alas. This isn’t some page posted on a Compuserve message board and accessed over a blisteringly-fast 14.4 kbps/2400 baud — or 240 characters a second! — dial-up modem. You haven’t been up all night playing Zork just to be eaten by a grue.

Do you kids even remember what a modem was? Or Zork? Good heavens I’m old, and somewhere my parents are pointing fingers at me and laughing, albeit good-naturedly. 😉

Anyway, I can’t really fault the EU; the U.S. will catch up eventually once enough states get their respective acts together.

So here we are. Let it suffice to say:

No Personal Data Collected Here

Nor is any data sent anywhere.

You can see for yourself: just click on the little padlock above at the beginning of the URL window. There should be just a few cookies, none of which contain anything verboten vis-à-vis the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), i.e. anything used to identify you personally or track you online. That’s by design: comments, comment forms, uploaded media, etc. are turned off here at — in fact you can’t register here in any capacity as a user, either.

There is an analytics plug-in, however — WP Statistics, which is GDPR-compliant. There are no malicious spiders gathering data on you — not from here, anyway — and WP Statistics’ option to anonymize users’ IP addresses is enabled by default per the GDPR, incidentally.

So I’ll just repeat: what anonymous data that is collected here on isn’t sent anywhere; it remains here.

I’ll just add that while my browser itself is open, any and all third-party/cross-site cookies are rejected; every time I shut my browser down, all the cookies, history, etc. gets jettisoned into the electronic ether. I heartily suggest you do the same; let’s stick it to the man.

— Jeff

Postscript: I just found out Zork is on Steam. Well of course it is. …