… And We’re Back!

A few months late, but here we are. Just a few things to note:

  • What’s here so far are actually short stories and a handful of book reviews that have previously been published some years ago here and elsewhere because a) I wanted to kick start the site with some content; and b) I like ’em, for the most part — maybe not Nebula-worthy, but yeah.
  • What happened to those few posts that were here in the interim between the demise of the Gecko’s Bark and the rise of Wandering Whilst Wondering? They are still here; just look below this post under miscellany.
  • You’ll note a few of the short stories have links to ebooks that are available for download, in addition to the content posted here on the site. The remainder of the stories will get ebooks by the end of November-ish*. As I mentioned on the about page, going forward — in December, 2021 and beyond — for new content you’ll have to be a member of some description to gain access to the ebooks. However, you’ll still be able to access the new content for free and in perpetuity just by visiting the site.
  • I still don’t have a copy editor yet — money is tight and whatnot, with no actual job — but soon-ish* I mayhap have an extra set of eyes. In the meantime, I’ve done my best, but if you see any typos, etc. please email me or post on my Patreon or Buy Me a Coffee pages.
  • While ebooks were always part of the plan for Wondering Whilst Wandering, a new wrinkle is audiobooks! That whole process isn’t ready just yet, but I hope to start producing them soon, perhaps as soon as January-ish* of next year. I’ve been ruminating casually on audiobooks for the last month or so, but once I did some research into the subject, well it seems a no-brainer these days, especially when audiobook sales have surpassed ebook sales.
  • I’ve also thought about how I might incorporate video into (onto?) the site as well. I have no interest in doing book trailers and whatnot, but I have been thinking a lot about video lately. I thought I might upload videos of my hikes, etc. — essentially wandering and wondering, heh — and discuss upcoming stories and ideas, as well as how I arrived at the ideas behind previously-published stories. I also thought I might — eventually-ish* — post videos on how I come up with cover images for the ebook versions of my stories.

Any other ideas? Let me know. …

… And We’re Back! (Slight Return)

A few little — and one no so little — hiccups involved with migrating this site from my hard drive to real time on my Dreamhost server, but all seems to be in order now. Huzzah …

*Said coming of Hell and/or exceptionally high levels of water will likely negate these estimations.