Doing Some Housekeeping Chores

Yep, just that — just doing some housekeeping choirs. House keeping? Housekeeping? Just straightening up and updating and what not.

I’ve added most of my work from Semi Engineering; it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere — in fact it looks like it’s going strong and more power to ’em. But since I was doing some chores around here anyway, I figured what the hell. Now it’s more or less up to date, as far as my professional endeavors go … such as they are.

I do have new project in mind but unfortunately mum’s the word.

Oh, and props to Luke, who contacted me after perusing my personal blog and my tribulations and trials with a quadriceps tendon tear. Good luck to him on the road to recovery; good grief it will be five years next Xmas since I tore up my knee. Five. Geez. I just took a photo of said knee and uploaded it:

My not-so-bum knee five years on ,,,

You can’t even tell, hardly. I guess that’s a good thing.

And my Samsung is crappy in low light. But then I expected that.