Latest Addition to the Photography Portfolio

HDR Interiors in the Photography Portfolio

Jeff Chappell's Bishop Mansion interiors photography portfolio.Once upon a time I had a client who wanted me to shoot interiors of an old but recently renovated mansion in Cincinnati; this client does custom draperies and wall hangings. Unfortunately between myself, the client and the mansion’s residents, finding a time when we would all have the entire day free was proving rather difficult.

As a compromise I offered to try and do the shoot with the no lighting but using bracketing images and combining them via HDR, with the proviso that if the client wasn’t happy, we would go back and redo the shoot, this time taking an entire day and setting up studio lighting for each shot.

Fortunately, both the client and the mansion owners were pleased with the photos. Anyway, I just got around to uploading some shots from that shoot to my photography portfolio site.

The New Photography Portfolio

Introducing the Photography Portfolio Subdomain

photo-jcdotcomThat would be I’ve actually been doing some photography work lately, although nothing terribly exciting (which one could argue is more my fault as a photographer, I suppose — but the client is happy). But I’ve been thinking for some time that I wanted to create a separate site or subdomain housing a dedicated photography portfolio site — as opposed to just a gallery page or using a Flickr plugin or what have you.

So that’s been this weekend’s project: Once again I tinkered around with some free WordPress themes, but in the end I decided on a responsive photography portfolio theme from ElegantThemes; I’m already a member/subscriber of this service, and its themes generally can be modded within WordPress to do what you want them to do.

On the other hand, I’ve learned that trying to pull in thumbnails from an RSS feed is problematic; that will be a task for future weekends. Anyway, I’ve also started a Photo a Day project on my personal blog, The Gecko’s Bark.

Hooray for free time.