Jeff Chappell: He Slices, He Dices! He Even Makes Julienne Fries!

Jeff Chappell slices! He dices! He even makes Julien fries! He's the Veg O Matic of journalism and the Web.A little of this, a little of that.  I’m a Veg O Matic with spell check.

You can view my traditional, chronological resume here; or you can view a somewhat atypical, somewhat European curriculum vitae here.

Downloadable PDFs for your local or offline viewing pleasure coming … someday.  I wouldn’t hold your breath, however.

Oh, and I really have no idea what Julienne fries are. Well, I didn’t until I Googled it just now; I had to check to see if it was a proper noun or not.  What did we do before the Internet and Wikipedia?

Julienne is a type of kitchen knife. Since it historically may be derived from a proper name, I’ll capitalize it. Spelling counts; a good editor and journalist is nothing if not a bit pedantic, after all; that’s their jig.

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