The E-News Years

Ah, Electronic News. Alas, we hardly knew ye. A venerable institution within the chip industry, you were around for decades, the semiconductor industry trade pub of record, before succumbing to the financial, social, and technical realities of the Information Age you helped usher in.

Electronic News' online logo. Alas, poor ENews! I knew him, Horatio. I worked for Electronic News from January 2000 until May of 2006, covering process technology and the capital equipment that used that technology to turn silicon and metal into chips. It was a crazy ride.

The dotcom boom’s bubble was peaking and poised to burst, leaving barely anyone in Silicon Valley unscathed by its financial shrapnel, myself included. But we didn’t know that then, back in the halcyon days of ’00. The print edition of Electronic News folded in December of 2002; I was laid off and subsequently rehired to work on the online edition of Electronic News — now truly electronic and remained there until I was laid off again in 2006. It has since been absorbed into a sister publication EDN — Electronic Design News.

Electronic News: gone forever. Sigh. Just one of many, I know.

Fat kid in a bunny suit -- that's me!
Well, now I can say it: they were WRONG!

Below are all of the clips I have harvested from my E-News days:  blog entries, editorial columns, new stories and whatnot.

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