Going With Throttle Up

Pardon My Mess

I'll get around to it sooner or later. Well, it shouldn’t look to bad, but we’re still in what I suppose I shall call beta for Jeff Chappell dot com; Gecko’s Bark Productions has been a bit behind schedule (namely due to the distractions of returning home after a year away, and the launch of Rift.

Anyway, I’ve got things — more-or-less — squared away here with the relaunch of this site, separating out the professional journalist and blogger Jeff Chappell from the raving lunatic Jeff Chappell. But there are still some things to do around here — sweep up the drywall dust, touch up the paint, etc. But migrating this site from my local installation onto my Web host proved to be a nightmare from hell problematic; MySQL and WordPress just didn’t want to work and play well with others this evening

More on this later, but now it’s way past my bedtime. So if the new and improved Jeff Chappell dot com has a few rough edges, just bear with me.

Ay caramba! I still have things to do around here.

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