Teaching ESL. Again. And Then This Happened

Then this happened. And it sucked. And it kept me out of the ESL classroom for awhile ... Ah, what a long, strange trip it’s been and continues to be. Despite the opportunities for someone with a bit of web and editorial knowledge out there, around the middle of last year I got tired of the freelance biz; many of said opportunities out there today are glorified content farms that pay the proverbial peanuts.

Furthermore, my own endeavors kind of stalled for the various reasons they usually do; how many web startups either start and fizzle out or never really do get started because the people involved already have lives and jobs and so forth? I’m sure the number is beyond count.

But really, those are just excuses; the truth of the matter is, the travel-and-living-abroad bug was still alive and well within me; it was just in remission for a few months, while I got reacquainted with burritos and Guinness. Plus I still have this burgeoning new interest in linguistics.

Of course, were I independently wealthy, I would just sit around and write for my own amusement. And when I got tired of that, I’d go out and take pictures. But I’m not wealthy, and when I ask myself if I could have any career in the world besides those two things, it would be as a linguist doing research abroad, when he’s not teaching at a university.

Well actually the answer would be astronaut – some things never change – but that’s admittedly not too realistic, whereas the latter falls within the realm of possibility. So here I am, back in Viet Nam, teaching English as a second language (ESL) with an eye to applying to graduate programs in linguistics once I have another year or so of teaching under my belt.

So that has kept me busy lo these many months, and away from the keyboard, for the most part.

Oh yeah. Then this happened (as shown above). That took up some time, too. Still does — hours of therapeutic exercise, every day. But enough about that. I prattle on enough about my quadriceps tendon rupture over at the Gecko’s Bark. 

As for the teaching ESL thing, it is going well this time around; I seem to have manged to find a decent school at which to teach. Teenagers still present me with classroom management problems from time to time, but I’m learning. And I’ve come to enjoy teaching little kids. If you had told me a few years ago that this would come to pass, I would have thought it utter nonsense — balderdash and poppycock, even.

Never say never.

Anyway, I still keep an eye out on the freelance and journalism job market — keeping the shingle hanging out, officially —  but I’m not actively seeking work at the moment. I’m not really pursuing my own web-related endeavors right now beyond maintaining this, my personal blog and my book review site – everybody needs a hobby, after all.

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